Friday, 23 March 2012

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LiTTLe BiT aBouT FaRaH RosLee

Assalammualaikum wbt..Hi dear..My name is Farah Hana Binti Mohammad Roslee..My name was given by my parents..Is it nice??Of course it is..I have 5 siblings and I'm number 2..Actually, I'm do not know how to create a blog..Unfortunately, I have to do it for my e-commerce assignment..It is good for me because I can learn how to create a blog.. I need your support..Thank you guys.. :-)


For more details or to order, you can leave message at:

1) Contact: 013-6749639 (FaRaH)

2) Email: a)

3) Facebook: Farah Roslee

4) Visit Booth: No. 6, Varsity Mall, Universiti Utara Malaysia

aBouT uS

My LoVe LeTTer is a brand from my own company which we produce many items especially for girls such as brooch, cute pin, hair band, and satin shawl..Our company is located at Universiti Utara Malaysia, Sintok..We marketed our products in Malaysia and we will trying our best to enter foreign markets..

As our products focused on girls, so we decided "aLL GiRLs' NeeDs" as our company's slogan..We offer cheap and affordable prices to our customers..

 Our vision is "To Enter Foreign Markets".

Our objectives are:

1) To meet customers' needs.

2) To introduce new products to customers.

3) To share information and knowledge between customers and vendors.